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Welcome to the permanent website of Aaliyah's Journey.

This website is lovingly dedicated, through the dedication of Aaliyah's parents and extended family, to telling the story of Aaliyah's Journey with Microtia / Atresia. Within this website you will find information on Aaliyah, microtia / atretia, fundtraising information and contact information.

Join us on Aaliyah's Journey through her blog, or proceed through to her website by clicking on her picture below.

Aaliyah's Journey has been provided free of charge to Amy & Jose, with the domain and webspace being generously donated by Gilchrist Administrative Services and QiQ Communications Pty. Ltd respectively.

Whilst this page is already up and running, it is constantly under construction. Please feel free to check out Aaliyah's Journey's Facebook group page as well as her blog (link above) for the most up to date information on her journey.

If you wish to make a donation in support of Aaliyah's Journey, please visit our How Can I Help? page, which includes her bank details for direct deposit.

On behalf of Amy, Jose and Aaliyah, I would like to thank all of you for your generosity and support through Aaliyah's Journey. Our sincerest thanks also goes to Peter Harris, Managing Director of QiQ Communications for providing the web hosting account that made this website a reality.

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